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Mature & Complete by Yvonne Faith Russell

Mature & Complete addresses everyday struggles women face regarding singleness, relationships, and self-worth. This devotional journal goes beyond simply listing Scriptures and dives into soul transformation by connecting God’s Word with real-life situations and personal experiences.

A Word to the Wise: Lessons I learned at 22


Discover tips on how to navigate your early 20's with grace and wisdom. This easy-to-read book offers encouragement, helpful tips, and reminders on topics ranging from relationships to careers. Yvonne Faith pulls on a combination of personal experience, observation, and biblical advice to compile a collection of both practical and spiritual lessons to help young women conquer life after graduation.


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A Note From the Author: "22 is the age most people graduate college. But at 22, I already had my degree, was in the work force starting 2 careers, and was trying to 'adult' on a daily basis. A lot of my post-graduate life didn’t go as planned, and God used that time of uncertainty to teach me and grow both me and my faith in unimaginable ways.

A Word to the Wise is a collection of lessons I learned during that time, both practical and spiritual, ranging from relationships to finances. Each page contains a brief nugget of wisdom to encourage and help you as you navigate and conquer your early 20’s." 

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Yvonne Faith was a contributing writer for Lifeway Women's 6-session Bible study Devoted. Click here to order a copy.

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Yvonne Faith was a contributing writer for Lifeway Women's 2021 Advent study, Our Hope Has Come. Click here to order a copy.

Yvonne Faith was a contributing writer for the Lung Project's Love Notes, a digital book experience produced in partnership with Dayton Contemporary Dance Company.


Yvonne Faith holds a double minor in English and creative writing from the University of Alabama where she graduated summa cum laude. She has been published by the Lungs Project and has written for Lifeway Women, Lifeway Kids, and Lifeway Voices. She is well versed in a variety of writing styles including fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, essays, short stories, articles, and more. She offers ghost writing services and enjoys writing for her faith-based blog, For His Glory, in her free time.

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